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Makeup Mishaps – 5 Quick Fixes for Makeup Boo-Boos

All of us are bound to have one of those “Doh!” makeup moments, especially when you are rushing for time. These makeup hiccups can cause any girl to panic, and might even lead to more boo-boos or even a total disaster. 

Before you say “remove everything and start over”, here are 5 quick and easy tricks used by the pros to salvage makeup blunders in a flash.  

Makeup Mishap: Cakey foundation, or makeup that looks thick and crinkly. Piling on too much foundation and powder can sabotage your complexion by making it look old and dry.

Quick Fix: You can usually blot off the excess foundation with a makeup sponge using a gentle tapping motion if the situation ain’t too serious. In severe cases, lightly mist your face before dabbing and blending your foundation into place.        

Makeup Mishap: Stray eyeliner and smudged mascara as you’re late and tried to do your makeup on the road.   

Quick Fix: Dip one end of the cottonbud in moisturizer (oil makeup removers tend to create too slippery a canvas for makeup to adhere to), making sure to put only a small amount. Gently mop up the smudge and use the dry end to blend out the area before touching up the eye makeup. You can do the same for angry-looking over drawn brows, or if you need to change or tone down dark lip colours.

Makeup Mishap:  You have over done your blush in a poorly lit place, and stepped into the light at the party venue looking like a clown. 

Quick Fix: If you’ve used powder blush, use a clean fluffy brush to remove the excess product, and tone down the remaining colour with loose powder. Serious overload or uneven application of cream blush or cheek tints may be trickier as you’ll have to dab a little moisturiser on your cheeks and blend until it’s the right colour. Touch up with powder foundation to finish.

Makeup Mishap: You can expect lots of glitter fallouts during the holiday season, which you can reduce by tapping off any excess product from the brush before applying.

Quick Fix: If a little powder and sweeping with your clean makeup brush doesn’t get rid of the tiny glitter flecks all over your cheeks, you can pick up the pesky bits without messing up your makeup by using a small piece of scotch tape.   

Makeup Mishap: You totally ran out of mascara at the worst possible time, and your eyes feel naked!

Quick Fix: Grab a jar of vaseline (petroleum jelly). Get a teeny-weeny bit onto your fingertip and sweep on lightly to your lashes from root to tip. It’ll make your strands look lustrous, glossy and better defined.