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Reflection Time – New Tweet Mirror

By Justin Cheung. March 31, 2011 Shopping alone & undecided which outfit to buy? The newly launched magic-mirror-on-wall, or ‘Tweet Mirror’ as known by GenY, is your solution. It has a built-in high-definition camera to capture your different looks. This hi-tech genius then allows you to sort your friends’ opinions instantaneously via connection to social … Continue reading

More Men Are Getting Aesthetic Fixes

By Justin Cheung. March 29, 2011 The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has recently released its 2010 statistics, and the results are clear: More men are undergoing cosmetic treatments. Developed countries like US, Australia and even modern Asian cities are seeing an increasing number of men turning to non-invasive treatments (like Botox, Thermage, IPL, lasers) … Continue reading

Looking Younger Than Your Age May Mean Living Longer

By Gene Yeo. March 27, 2011 The quest for everlasting youth is more than skin deep. A Danish 7-year study, involving 387 pairs of twins, found that the younger-looking twin tend to outlive the older-looking one significantly. Probably a combination of genes & environmental influences over your lifetime is important. Biologically, fresh-faced individuals tend to … Continue reading

Late night eating contributes disproportionately to weight gain

By Emily Wong. March 26, 2011 It turns out Mum is right again! – Breakfast should be our biggest meal, and late-night snacks & supper are big no-nos. It’s not just how much you eat, but when you eat, that influences weight gain. Studies from Northwestern and Ohio Universities found that mice that fed during … Continue reading

Friend of Botox?

By Emily Wong. March 25, 2011 Jennifer Aniston – a FOB (Friend of Botox)? The ‘Friends’ star, who is looking really good for her age, may have joined loads of other celebrities to recruit help (such as Botox, fillers and lasers) against Father Time. A Chicago-based plastic surgeon postulated that Aniston may have done a … Continue reading

GHOSTS – Increased Sightings In The Recent Years

By Justin Cheung. March 24, 2011 Study by John Frieda reveals worrying trend – there’s increasing numbers of Grey-Haired-Over-Stress-Twenty-Somethings ladies. 32% of British women have their first grey strand under age 30yr, as opposed to 18% just 20 years ago, and two-thirds of those afflicted blamed it on stress. While men who embrace the salt-and-pepper … Continue reading

A Decade of Boosting Our Bustlines

By Emily Wong. March 23, 2011 According to recent data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation surgery surged 40 percent in the past decade, with nearly 300,000 women last year opting to increase their breast size. It has overtaken liposuction, nose jobs and lip augmentation as the top cosmetic surgery. Many … Continue reading

Earth Hour 2011

By Gene Yeo. March 23, 2011 Going beyond Earth Hour – We’ve faced to many disasters this year. Earth needs our care. And there’s something you can do today. Show your support for our planet by flicking the lights off from 8.30-9.30pm on 26 March. Let it also be a reminder for us to do … Continue reading

Goof-Proof Picture-Taking

By Gene Yeo. March 22, 2011 Via Stylelist Not an expert Photoshopper? No worries with the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7 digital camera. Besides being sleek, slim and shiny, this stylish 16-megapixel tech-toy with 4-times zoom boasts built-in Beauty Retouch modes. Just snap and the genius camera can erase wrinkles, apply makeup and whiten your teeth … Continue reading