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Retail Therapy – Regular Shopping Helps You Live Longer

By Gene Yeo Good news! Retail therapy has taken on a new meaning – Taiwanese scientists believe that a trip to the store a day could in fact keep the doctor away. Of the 1841 subjects studied, those who went shopping everyday had 27 percent less risk of death compared to the least frequent shoppers … Continue reading

The Royal Wedding – Fairytale Wedding of the Century

Many young girls dreamed of becoming a princess. On 29th April 2011, billions watched spellbound as Kate Middleton, in true fairytale style, made that fantasy a reality after exchanging vows with Prince William. Wearing a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen ivory lace and stain gown, Middleton looked simply breathtaking, balancing classic beauty and polish with … Continue reading

She’s Getting Married In The Morning – The Royal Wedding is Today

Yes…The big day has come. Kate Middleton is getting married to Prince William TODAY. This grand fairytale wedding has been planned to the minutest detail by the Lord Chamberlain’s office to ensure that everyone from the guests to the footmen know their roles. Here is a minute-by-minute guide to the event of the century… All … Continue reading

Grab it now! – ‘D’ Bag Fit for a Princess

By Michelle Wenli The modern and understated D-Bag – favoured by Kate Middleton and Hollywood’s A-listers. Seems like Kate Middleton is taking the enormous pressure of her  Royal-D-day very well and in fact, may be actively encouraging comparisons to her fiance’s late mother and mega style icon, Princess Di. Aside from wearing Diana’s engagement ring, … Continue reading

Kate Middleton is letting her hair down

By Michelle Wenli Perhaps we can all stop wondering how Kate Middleton will wear her royal hair as she walks down the aisle in 2 days’ time – it’s going to be down, according to a report on The Telegraph. Richard Ward, the hair salon owner whose stylist, James Pryce, will tend to the bride’s … Continue reading

Confessions of a Beauty Addict – The Body SLIMulator Makes Waves This Summer

By Claudia Lin Some people get ready for bikini season with slimming boot camps and intensified gym workouts. Others do it the old-fashioned way – by lying down on a comfy bed while a highly trained therapist gives you a soothing treatment that promises to ease away unsightly dimpled skin and pudgy parts. My first … Continue reading

Beat the Summer Heat – Cool New Solutions for Sweaty Armpits

By Michelle Wenli. Pit stains, hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm sweating…whatever you call, we’ve all seen it and millions of people are suffering from it. While it only disturbs most in the peak of summer heat, it can go on all day and all the time for others. It also tends to strike most at the worst … Continue reading

Eye Alert! – Mascara May Be Destroying Your Contact Lenses and Endangering Your Vision

By Emily Wong This came as an “eye-opener” to me on a lazy Tuesday morning as I fought to stay awake during a boring breakfast meeting that has been dragging on for too long. Eye cosmetics is one of the major reasons why ladies wearing contact lenses suffer eye problems such as blurred vision, irritation, … Continue reading

Royal Wedding News: Kate Middleton’s Dream Gown Designer Revealed?

By Michelle Wenli. The latest royal wedding news may come as a bit of a shock for many… It is the most closely guarded secret of the most closely watched wedding of the century – the identity of Kate Middleton’s mysterious wedding gown designer. Pushing aside hot favourites like Bruce Oldfield or Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, it … Continue reading

Confessions of a Beauty Addict – Summer’s New Anti-Acne Dream Cream

By Emily Wong. 14 April, 2011 For ages, I’ve been faced with this daily oily skin conumbrum – should I put up with sticky sunscreens and risk more clogs & pimples; or do I skip my SPF (& perhaps even makeup) and pretend that I’m somehow immune to all the pigment-inducing and collagen-destroying effects of … Continue reading