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Give Your Body & Mind a Makeover – Detox and Live Clean

By Emily Wong You are what you eat. You are also what you don’t eat. Often what you eat is robbed of nutritional value by ‘anti-nutrients’ such as caffeine, alcohol, food additives & chemicals, smoking and stress. What you eat for comfort and joy – indulgent foods high in fat or sugar – can weigh … Continue reading

Feeling Blue – Smurfette Glamour

By Claudia Lin Smurfette, the only blue-skinned beauty in the Village, is the newest animated superstar to grace the pages of Harper’s Bazaar August 2011 issue. The pint-sized glamazon, who is voiced by Katy Perry in the upcoming Smurfs movie, shows the supermodels how it’s done as she strikes poses in the hottest autumn/winter designer … Continue reading

Excuse Me, Are You a Model? – Model Potential App

By Gene Yeo So you think you have what it takes?   Select Models, one of UK’s top model agency, has collaborated to launch the world’s first model scouting app for iPhone — Model Potential. The app allows users to take a picture of their face to be analysed by unique digital system; upload their … Continue reading

Looking for Good Husband Material? – Look at his Father. Cheating Runs in the Family!

By Claudia Lin This comes as no big surprise, but new research just confirmed the old saying ‘like father like son’. A study carried out by Czech scientists into reasons why people cheat in long-term relationships found that while both men and women had affairs, men were more likely to stray if their fathers had … Continue reading

Lunar Appeal – The Half Moon Manicure

By Emily Wong Do you love these chic half-moon manicures seen on the runways at 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2011 collection? The combination of  the sandy beige and the inky dark blue used for the half-circle accent is striking, vintage classic yet unapologetically stylish. Also known as the ‘moonicure’ or ‘reverse french’, this quirky take … Continue reading

Clock-Stopper – FDA Approves Bespoke Anti-Aging Injection

By Michelle Wenli Age-phobes now have another reason to smile — FDA has approved laViv, a personalised anti-aging injection developed by Fibrocell Science to smooth smile lines. This new cell therapy uses a person’s own fibroblasts (skin cells which builds collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid) to help stimulate tissue regrowth, increase skin elasticity and soften … Continue reading

Root Awakening – Scientists Unlock the Secret of Greying Hair

By Gene Yeo The science of hair colour isn’t very well understood. But researchers from New York University Langone Medical Center may have found the root cause of what makes locks go gray — and perhaps made an important step towards its prevention or restoration. For the first time, scientists have identified the Wnt signaling … Continue reading

Makeup Magic – From Ginny to Haute Muse

By Emily Wong Many Harry Potter fans (me included) will remember her as little Ginny Weasley in the movies. But Bonnie Wright has shown that she is all grown-up and fully blossomed, after posing for the cover of Haute Muse magazine. The 20-year-old actress is magically transformed into a sultry beauty as she dons smokey … Continue reading

To Bed with Makeup – BareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment

By Emily Wong If you remember my previous post ‘Guilty – Sleeping with Makeup On‘, this new innovative product is challenging my strongly held beliefs. While some consider it a minor chore to remove their makeup after a long day, research shows that an increasing number of women are actually tempted to sleep in their … Continue reading

Confession of a Beauty Addict – Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places

By Emily Wong I was scouring beauty shelves and the Net for materials as usual, when I stumbled upon great beauty that stopped me in my tracks…something I had to share. Who would have expected that such a pure, ethereal voice of an angel was housed in this ordinary-looking young man who lived a decade … Continue reading