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Perfume Pills – Swallowable Parfum Turns Sweat Into Scent

Popping beauty pills to make our skin brighter, smoother and younger has become a norm today. A new perfume pill developed by body architect, Lucy McRae, may soon allow us to emanate fragrance from within too.   Swallowable Parfum (a direct but less than creative name) is a capsule that consists of synthesized fragrant lipid molecules that mimic the structure of … Continue reading

The Men Don’t Get It – Why Painful Heels May Not Be Worthwhile

Endure the pain and risk injuries as you teeter-totter all you want, but men apparently don’t even notice when a woman wears high heels. Researchers at the UK’s Northumbria University studied men’s reactions to women walking in heels versus women in flats. They looked at whether the change in body posture brought about by wearing heels, … Continue reading

Beauty DIY – Gorgeous Water Marble Nail Art

I had fun trying out this nail art following instructions from the video tutorial. The multi-tonal swirls are as unique as they are beautiful. Even using the same set of colours, the patterns created are simply limitless, adding a pleasant element of anticipation and surprise to the whole process. The art of water marbling is … Continue reading

Men in Heels – Yay or Nay

Leg-elongating, silhouette-flattering and seductively glamorous, it’s no wonder women love to wear killer heels. But it seems like more and more well-heeled men are making the ladies’ fashion weapon-of-choice their own in order to stand out from the crowd. The New York Times recently reported on a rising fashion trend of boys in heels. It’s … Continue reading

Beauty Spots – Moles Are Linked to Delayed Ageing

The secret of supermodel Cindy Crawford’s ageless allure may be out. Individuals with abundance of beauty spots may be genetically protected from many of the ravages of time and may look up to seven years younger than their peers, according to British scientists. In a study conducted by researchers at Kings College London involving over 1000 … Continue reading

Makeup Can Make You Look More Competent And Likeable, But Too Much And You’ll Seem Less Trustworthy

Like the beauty mantra goes, less is often more. It turns out a little makeup has a significantly positive impact on how others perceives you, but piling on too much cosmetics does you no favours. Researchers found that makeup makes women look more attractive, likeable, competent and trustworthy as opposed to their bare-faced peers in a recent study by Proctor … Continue reading

Confessions of a Beauty Addict – Addicted to “Lethal Love”, the Jen Kao-inspired Ombré Nails (VIDEO)

Forget about the bag, the shoes, and the lip gloss. At the moment, the most fashion-forward accessory may be your nails. I was totally wowed by the striking gradient nails which popped against Jen Kao’s “Romeo + Juliet” inspired Spring 2012 collection — an ombré manicure that shouts “Look at me. I’m dangerous”. This “lethal … Continue reading

Breast Implants May Be Life-saving

Breast implants can actually be life-saving, according to a headline news report by Russian newspaper, Pravada. A Moscow woman was stabbed in her left chest by her own husband during a family fight. But this lucky lady escaped death with a mere skin wound when…the knife got stuck in her silicone breast implant! Calling the … Continue reading

Drink and Eat Yourself Skinny, Stress-free & Sexy

Things we want: a sexy svelte bod that slips right into our skinnies, calm cool mental clarity, invigorating non-spastic energy, together with an alluring fresh-from-holiday glow. Things we hope we don’t have to do to get the things we want: tear-inducing chilli powder-based slimming diets, intestine-bursting colonic cleansing detox, a three-month retreat to the Himalayas, … Continue reading

Beauty High – Attractive Women like Rosie Huntington have a Cocaine-like Effect on Men

He says her eyes are like stars in the sky, her lips like luscious rose blossoms…but what is actually going on in his brain? A study of attractiveness by Harvard University researchers found that looking at pictures of gorgeous women like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley evokes the same reaction in a man’s brain “reward centre” as cocaine, … Continue reading