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Hangover Beauty Tips – Look Fresh the Morning After

With the holiday season looming upon us, chances are you’ll be getting into the spirit with a few festive alcohol-fuelled late night parties. So how are you going to handle Frankenstein’s sister staring back at you in the mirror the morning after?

When you’re looking haggard after a night out, your main concerns are dull dry skin, splotchiness, puffiness and dark circles.

Here are some sleep-mimicking and hangover-hiding tips to make you look like you stay home with a hot cocoa every night:

  • Drink up: Other than gulping a gallon of water, coconut water is Nature’s best isotonic drink for a rapid perk-me-up. Start your morning right with a big glass of this heaven’s dew to detoxify your body and replenish dehydrated skin with the perfect balance of fluids and electrolytes (keeps you feeling cool, calm and tastes yummy too!).
  • De-stress your skin: If there’s time, treat your lifeless, parched skin to a cold hydrating, brightening face mask. We’re addicted to the Sloane Inc Radiance Gel Wraps. This biocellulose mask is saturated with concentrated hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C to infuse dewy radiance, calm the splotchy puffy face and undereye, restore suppleness to savage your beauty emergen-C in 15 minutes (while you catch a snooze). Another cult favourite is Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret, the “sleep elixir” and holy grail of bad girl beauty to invigorate skin.
  • Keep your undereye secrets: Puffy eyes and dark undereye shadows are telltale signs of your late night libation. Clinique All About Eyes Serum Depuffing Eye Massage contains caffeine and potent antioxidants to cool, brighten and gently roll away the appearance of fatigue.
  • Don’t pile on the makeup: However tempting, choose a light base, anything too heavy or matte will just make you look more sallow and dead. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua ultra lightweight formula is a delight to use and helps your skin look even and well-rested, even if you’re feeling less than that.
  • Cover up: Use a light-diffusing concealer and highlighter, like YSL Touche Eclat to hide dark circles or blemishes which have sprouted overnight and illuminate your complexion immediately. Its slim pen-like packaging makes it ideal to carry around for touch-ups as well.
  • Healthy Colour: If you want to keep them guessing as to exactly what you’ve been up to all night, lightly dab Benetint on pallid cheeks to fake a natural I’m-in-love flush. Keep eyeshadow lighter coloured, like a quick touch of shimmery gold to brighten up your peepers.   
  • Wide Awake: Mascara will help open your eyes instantly. Use a extra-curling one, like Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes mascara for an innocent, bambi flutter. An red carpet remedy for bloodshot eyes is Visine redness-relieving eyedrops.
  • Final Touches: Make an effort to wash and blow dry hair to dispel any smokey smell and freshen up your mane (and brain). An emergency alternative would be dry shampoo. Finish up with a spritz of a fresh-smelling perfume.

If you look and smell fresh clean and glossy, your boss will be fooled into thinking you feel productively fresh, clean and glossy too!



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