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5 Cool Ways to Sparkle this Winter Holidays

Call us princesses, magpies, or whatever…we just love our blings and sparklies! While we gravitate towards all things glittering and glam, but competing with the Christmas tree is definitely not our intention.

Here are 5 unabashedly cool, sophisticated ways to holi-dazzle this season. No batteries needed.

1. Candied Gems:

Kate Spade Confectionary Little Anastasia Clutch, $345. Kate Spade Crystal Kaleidoscope Necklace, $398. .

Dripping in a mouth-watering array of jeweled embellishments that span the rainbow, these candied sparklers by Kate Spade will turn up the glam factor of any simple solid colour day dress for the night instantly.

2. Dazzling Digits:

Glittery Zingers - Sinful Colors, What's Your Name. OPI, Spark de Triomphe. (By Nails in the City)

This DIY glitter manicure by Kelsey of Nails in the City looks super sophisticated but is really simple to achieve.

To recreate this look, apply two coats of Sinful Colors What’s Your Name (a blue-black lacquer). Once fully dry, brush on OPI Spark de Triomphe (silver and gold glitter nail polish) at the tips and blend softly towards the nail bed. Seal with a glossy top coat.

3. Twinkle Toes:

Sparkly Shoes: J. Crew Darby Glitter Loafers, $215. Miu Miu Glittered Curve Heel Pumps, $630

Step into a festive mood with these gorgeous footwear that are dipped in glitter. Whether fashionable oxfords for casual days or runway-worthy dressy pumps, a pair of sparkly shoes will help tweak your chic effortlessly.

4. Shimmery Clothes:

Edgy Shine: Rag & Bone Lurex Pullover. Balmain high waisted skirt with chambray shirt.

Sequinned skirts and glitter dresses shout festive season. But this year, we focus our sparkly energies on finding shiny offerings with a little edge. Teamed with leather, denim or chambray, old-school shimmery lurex and opulent metallic patterns or embroidery can look modern and funky.

5. Sparkly Pout:

Picture-perfect pout sparkle with Violent Lips Crimson Glitteratti vitamin-enhanced appliqués, $14.95 for pack of 3.

Ultra sparkly red lips make a bold fashion statement and will light up the complexion immediately. Violent Lips’ innovative temporary lip tattoos keep the glitter on your lips and out of your mouth with its smooth feel and glossy finish. Each appliqué last 4 to 8 hours.



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