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Beauty DIY – How to Make Your Own Magnetic Nail Polish

Sick of crackle nail finishes? Try magnets!

Textured, special effects nails are big news for this year, like these stunners by nails inc. This revolutionary formula has been specially developed with iron powder to create a unique pattern on the nail using magnetic attraction (the magnet is included in the nail lacquer cap).

If you can’t get your fingers on one of these nail lacquer, or just have too many half-used polishes sitting in your drawer, why don’t you try making your own magnetic polish at home this weekend?

I came across this awesome DIY nail project on Bellasugar. It may not be as “pro” looking as store-bought ones, but it’s going to be really fun. And it’s really quite simple and inexpensive!

You’ll need:

  • Nail polish
  • Iron filings (like in science class). You may want to check craft stores, lab supply stores or online.
  • Small magnet (you can try your fridge magnet)
  • Container, mixing stick and small paintbrush (that you’ll be willing to part)

Mix the polish and a pinch of iron filings (not too much, to prevent clumping) in a container. Stir well. Paint the mixture on. Before it dries, hold the magnet over and close to the top of your nails for a few seconds. By holding the magnet in different direction, you will create different patterns (vertical, horizontal, diagonal).

Happy Painting!




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