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Beauty Tips to Go – Look and Feel Gorgeous on Your Holidays

It’s time for your well-deserved holiday or yearly Christmas get-together. The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination looking a wreck. But we all know being on the road can leave us feeling far from our best. Here are some first-class tips to help you look immaculate and feel fabulous when you’re … Continue reading

Fang-tastic Beauty Trend – Fashionable to have Fangs?

With the Twilight mania, half of the female population fang-tasize about Edward (the other half is probably on Team Jacob). And we adore Kirsten Dunst for embracing her sexy snaggle fangs. But paying big bucks for vampire teeth? Besides night-dwelling Gothic vampire fans, many trendy Japanese women are also rushing to their cosmetic dentists’ to get their pointy canines with a crowded, crooked-teeth smile – known … Continue reading

New Laser Surgery – Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?

If you are a fan of coloured contact lenses, hear this: The new “Lumineyes” laser treatment from California could be a permanent alternative to your coloured contact lenses. Dr Gregg Homer from Stroma Medical told KTLA he has developed an innovative 20-second laser procedure that will turn brown eyes blue, without damaging vision, for around … Continue reading

No Pain, No Gain? – Bigger Breasts May Just Be A Slap Away (VIDEO)

We know Thailand for its medical tourism services, including affordable breast implants and liposuction. Now word is spreading of a popular but rather bizzare ‘body-slapping’ treatment in Bangkok to enhance the female figure without going under the scalpel. Khemmikka Na Songkhla — aka Khunying Tobnom — has been helping women escape from their Wonder Bras … Continue reading

Would You Leave Home With Hairy Legs or Pits? – Tyra Banks on her Shave-cation

By Emily Wong It certainly can feel like a chore some mornings, but a quick informal survey around the office and women I know confirmed that most ladies (and men) agreed that keeping our legs and underarms neatly defuzzed is necessary basic grooming. But for Tyra Banks, there’s no need to bother with the the … Continue reading

Clock-Stopper – FDA Approves Bespoke Anti-Aging Injection

By Michelle Wenli Age-phobes now have another reason to smile — FDA has approved laViv, a personalised anti-aging injection developed by Fibrocell Science to smooth smile lines. This new cell therapy uses a person’s own fibroblasts (skin cells which builds collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid) to help stimulate tissue regrowth, increase skin elasticity and soften … Continue reading

Latisse – The Answer to Familial Hair-Doom?

By Justin Cheung It seems a cruel fate that at the age of 29 years, the handsome Prince William is following in his father’s footsteps…or even rushing ahead, with his hairline is receding quicker than you can say ‘Catherine Middleton’. Well, this piece of news may offer a glimpse of hope for the Prince Charming … Continue reading

Confession of a Beauty Addict – Miracle ‘Pore’-fecting Treatment for Sensitive Skin

By Emily Wong Plugged pores, erratic breakouts and sensitive combination skin have plagued me for as long as I can remember. The sensitivity bit complicates everything as many pore-minimizing or oil-control products would dry out, irritate and frustrate rather than help my troubled skin. So I was a mixed bag of nerves and excitement when … Continue reading

Confessions of a Beauty Addict – The Body SLIMulator Makes Waves This Summer

By Claudia Lin Some people get ready for bikini season with slimming boot camps and intensified gym workouts. Others do it the old-fashioned way – by lying down on a comfy bed while a highly trained therapist gives you a soothing treatment that promises to ease away unsightly dimpled skin and pudgy parts. My first … Continue reading

Beat the Summer Heat – Cool New Solutions for Sweaty Armpits

By Michelle Wenli. Pit stains, hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm sweating…whatever you call, we’ve all seen it and millions of people are suffering from it. While it only disturbs most in the peak of summer heat, it can go on all day and all the time for others. It also tends to strike most at the worst … Continue reading