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Hangover Beauty Tips – Look Fresh the Morning After

With the holiday season looming upon us, chances are you’ll be getting into the spirit with a few festive alcohol-fuelled late night parties. So how are you going to handle Frankenstein’s sister staring back at you in the mirror the morning after? When you’re looking haggard after a night out, your main concerns are dull … Continue reading

Perfume Pills – Swallowable Parfum Turns Sweat Into Scent

Popping beauty pills to make our skin brighter, smoother and younger has become a norm today. A new perfume pill developed by body architect, Lucy McRae, may soon allow us to emanate fragrance from within too.   Swallowable Parfum (a direct but less than creative name) is a capsule that consists of synthesized fragrant lipid molecules that mimic the structure of … Continue reading

To Bed with Makeup – BareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment

By Emily Wong If you remember my previous post ‘Guilty – Sleeping with Makeup On‘, this new innovative product is challenging my strongly held beliefs. While some consider it a minor chore to remove their makeup after a long day, research shows that an increasing number of women are actually tempted to sleep in their … Continue reading

iKini – A Novel Way to Salute the Sun this Summer

By Michelle Wenli Soaking up the sun takes on a whole new meaning with this bikini – it charges up your iPod as you laze around enjoying the sun, sea and songs. The outfit, made up of wafer-thin flexible solar panels sewn together with conductive thread, can power any electronic device from a iPod to a camera … Continue reading

Confession of a Beauty Addict – Laura Mercier Secret Finish Mattifying

By Emily Wong Laura Mercier Secret Finish Mattifying is officially my new-found BMF (Best Mattifying Friend)! This review is a no-brainer to write because the result is so obvious immediately. Following the instructions of the beauty consultant, I lightly patted a teeny bit (smaller than my pinky tip) of the clear velvety primer-like gel over … Continue reading

Confessions of a Beauty Addict – Summer’s New Anti-Acne Dream Cream

By Emily Wong. 14 April, 2011 For ages, I’ve been faced with this daily oily skin conumbrum – should I put up with sticky sunscreens and risk more clogs & pimples; or do I skip my SPF (& perhaps even makeup) and pretend that I’m somehow immune to all the pigment-inducing and collagen-destroying effects of … Continue reading

Guilty – Sleeping With Makeup On

By Emily Wong. April 11, 2011 Lady Gaga recently admitted to People magazine that she goes to bed with her makeup on all the time. “That’s not good for your skin,” she acknowledges, “but I’m blessed with good genes.” For less lucky mortals who have been battling acne and clog-prone skin like me, passing out … Continue reading

Bosom Buddy

By Michelle Wenli. April 3, 2011 Would you wear this? The La Decollette is Europe’s first cleavage anti-wrinkle bra.  It could not, by any stretch of the bra strap, be described as pretty. But this harness-like contraption is recommended to be worn every night instead of your usual lingerie to ensure that “your breasts are … Continue reading