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Confessions of a Beauty Addict – Addicted to “Lethal Love”, the Jen Kao-inspired Ombré Nails (VIDEO)

Forget about the bag, the shoes, and the lip gloss. At the moment, the most fashion-forward accessory may be your nails. I was totally wowed by the striking gradient nails which popped against Jen Kao’s “Romeo + Juliet” inspired Spring 2012 collection — an ombré manicure that shouts “Look at me. I’m dangerous”. This “lethal … Continue reading

Confession of a Beauty Addict – Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places

By Emily Wong I was scouring beauty shelves and the Net for materials as usual, when I stumbled upon great beauty that stopped me in my tracks…something I had to share. Who would have expected that such a pure, ethereal voice of an angel was housed in this ordinary-looking young man who lived a decade … Continue reading

Confession of a Beauty Addict – Symptom Checklist for GLHD Syndrome Every Girl Should Go Through

By Claudia Lin Are you a victim of GLHD syndrome? For those who are not familiar with the term, it stands for “Girls Leaving the House Dressless”. Look around on the streets, in the train or office, and it’ll not be difficult to spot a GLHD who is drawing glances from others…but just not the … Continue reading

Confession of a Beauty Addict – Black Tuesday

By Emily Wong Move over Monday blues…Tuesday at 11.45am is officially the most stressful time of the working week. Or at least that’s what researchers in the UK found when they surveyed 3,000 British workers – nearly half of those interviewed identified mid-morning on their second working day of the week as the moment when … Continue reading

Confession of a Beauty Addict – Dessert is Served…Bon Appétit!

By Emily Wong Well, I guess this should qualify for an article on a beauty blog, to celebrate our love for…ahem, all things beautiful and alluring. Parisians were recently treated to eye candy as Abercrombie & Fitch gathered 101 shirtless and drool-worthy male models for a pectoral party on the streets. This was the preview … Continue reading

Confession of a Beauty Addict – Laura Mercier Secret Finish Mattifying

By Emily Wong Laura Mercier Secret Finish Mattifying is officially my new-found BMF (Best Mattifying Friend)! This review is a no-brainer to write because the result is so obvious immediately. Following the instructions of the beauty consultant, I lightly patted a teeny bit (smaller than my pinky tip) of the clear velvety primer-like gel over … Continue reading

Confession of a Beauty Addict – Janie Taylor for Chloé

By Emily Wong I interrupt this beauty blog for something beautiful… New York City Ballet principal dancer, Janie Taylor, models Chloé’s dance-inspired spring/summer 2011 collection with choreographer and corps de ballet member, Justin Peck, in an impassioned short clip for the Block Magazine. I’m just mesmerised by the Prima Ballerina’s effortlessly elegant routine, accompanied by the ethereal floaty movements of … Continue reading

Confession of a Beauty Addict – Miracle ‘Pore’-fecting Treatment for Sensitive Skin

By Emily Wong Plugged pores, erratic breakouts and sensitive combination skin have plagued me for as long as I can remember. The sensitivity bit complicates everything as many pore-minimizing or oil-control products would dry out, irritate and frustrate rather than help my troubled skin. So I was a mixed bag of nerves and excitement when … Continue reading

Confessions of a Beauty Addict – The Body SLIMulator Makes Waves This Summer

By Claudia Lin Some people get ready for bikini season with slimming boot camps and intensified gym workouts. Others do it the old-fashioned way – by lying down on a comfy bed while a highly trained therapist gives you a soothing treatment that promises to ease away unsightly dimpled skin and pudgy parts. My first … Continue reading

Confessions of a Beauty Addict – Summer’s New Anti-Acne Dream Cream

By Emily Wong. 14 April, 2011 For ages, I’ve been faced with this daily oily skin conumbrum – should I put up with sticky sunscreens and risk more clogs & pimples; or do I skip my SPF (& perhaps even makeup) and pretend that I’m somehow immune to all the pigment-inducing and collagen-destroying effects of … Continue reading