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Adipotide – New Miracle Fat-Attacking Drug?

The anti-obesity scene is abuzz with news about a bright & shiny new weight loss drug called Adipotide. This blub-busting jab born of a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment (yup…you heard right) causes rapid weight loss and improved metabolic function in monkeys (our closest cousins), scientists have found. In the study, 10 obese female rhesus macaques … Continue reading

Drink and Eat Yourself Skinny, Stress-free & Sexy

Things we want: a sexy svelte bod that slips right into our skinnies, calm cool mental clarity, invigorating non-spastic energy, together with an alluring fresh-from-holiday glow. Things we hope we don’t have to do to get the things we want: tear-inducing chilli powder-based slimming diets, intestine-bursting colonic cleansing detox, a three-month retreat to the Himalayas, … Continue reading

Slim & Fit? – Liposuction May Have Legitimate Health Benefits

In a society in which beauty is often measured by slender bodies and youth, millions of people seek to attain the “ideal” look of celebrities by means of liposuction. Now it appears that there may be added health benefits of undergoing the procedure, according to a new study reported on LA Times. Research findings presented at the recent … Continue reading

Skin it or Skip it – Roast Chicken Skin Contains More Cancer-causing Compounds than Bacon & Hot Dogs

By Claudia Lin This report came as good news and bad news rolled in one for me. It appears that my favourite rotisserie chicken — in particular the crispy skin (gasp! but that’s the best part) — has the highest levels of cancerous compounds amongst the common deli delights, according to a Kansas State University … Continue reading

Staying Slim with Sexercise

By Claudia Lin Kim Cattrall from Sex and The City, and ex-Spice Girl & fitness fanatic Mel B are believers. After a long exhausting day, you might be too tired to set foot on a treadmill. But why not take a tip from these celebrities, amongst many other women who have hit upon an alternative … Continue reading

Why Chips & Fatty Foods are Irresistible like Marijuana

By Gene Yeo Most of us would have tried and failed. It’s simply impossible to stop at one chip or a single french fry. And scientists say it’s neither us nor is it just the carb-craving at fault. Researchers at University of California, Irvine found that fats in these foods trigger the body to produce … Continue reading

Gwyneth Paltrow Flaunts Fabulous Body on Vanity Fair

By Michelle Wenli Although her constant flow of advice to the world on how to copy her wholesome lifestyle may have met with some criticism, but I can’t help but be impressed by how amazing Gwyneth Paltrow looks as she posed in only Louis Vuitton jewellery and fish net stockings for the August issue of … Continue reading

Give Your Body & Mind a Makeover – Detox and Live Clean

By Emily Wong You are what you eat. You are also what you don’t eat. Often what you eat is robbed of nutritional value by ‘anti-nutrients’ such as caffeine, alcohol, food additives & chemicals, smoking and stress. What you eat for comfort and joy – indulgent foods high in fat or sugar – can weigh … Continue reading

It’s Official – Food Pyramid Out. Food Plate In

By Claudia Lin After almost 2 decades, it’s bye-bye to the USDA food pyramid and hello to MyPlate – the delightfully colourful and stunningly simple healthy food guide unveiled by first lady Michelle Obama on 2 Jun 2011 in an effort to fight obesity. “We needed something useful and something simple, and that’s why I … Continue reading

Mind over Milkshake – Why does “Sinful” Food Always Feel More Satisfying

Gene Yeo The latest in weight loss research — if you convince yourself that everything you eat is highly calorific, you will feel satisfied sooner than when you consume food that’s supposedly better for you. Researchers from Yale University gave 46 healthy volunteers the same 380-calorie vanilla milkshake, but repackaged it as either a non-fat … Continue reading