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Hair DIY – Taylor Swift-inspired Sleek & Adorable Figure Eight Ponytail

By Cindy Tham I was looking for a sleek but special ponytail hairstyle to wear at a friend’s wedding dinner when I stumbled upon Taylor Swift’s braided ponytail. Taylor looked amazing and so effortlessly put together with this clean and absolutely adorable hairstyle with a twist at the recent American Music Awards. And, believe it … Continue reading

Get the Look – Kristen Stewart at the Twilight Breaking Dawn Premier

Twilight fever has hit critical mass as the stars of the popular series strut their stuff on the red carpet for the much-anticipated world premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1 in Los Angeles. Kristen Stewart certainly didn’t disappoint by surprising the crowd and critics with her full-on glamour, instead of her usual casual, hair-down style. … Continue reading

Are You Suffering from Smelly Hair Syndrome?

By Gene Yeo We all have had our bad hair days, and smelled pongy after a night at a smoky club or a gym sweat-out. But what if you wake up one day with hair that emits a nasty niff you can’t shake off even after a good thorough shampoo and rinse? Dubbed as the … Continue reading

Hair for Hope

By Emily Wong “I’m as free as my hair. I’m as free as my hair. I am my hair. I am my hair…” Hair does offer us a unique freedom — we can style it, cut it, braid it, color it, put wigs on, add extensions. We are free to do whatever we want with … Continue reading

Root Awakening – Scientists Unlock the Secret of Greying Hair

By Gene Yeo The science of hair colour isn’t very well understood. But researchers from New York University Langone Medical Center may have found the root cause of what makes locks go gray — and perhaps made an important step towards its prevention or restoration. For the first time, scientists have identified the Wnt signaling … Continue reading

Latisse – The Answer to Familial Hair-Doom?

By Justin Cheung It seems a cruel fate that at the age of 29 years, the handsome Prince William is following in his father’s footsteps…or even rushing ahead, with his hairline is receding quicker than you can say ‘Catherine Middleton’. Well, this piece of news may offer a glimpse of hope for the Prince Charming … Continue reading

Scared Straight – Is the latest Brazilian Blowout hair craze safe?

By Emily Wong. April 9, 2011 This latest hair craze, made popular by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman, coaxes unmanageable frizz-balls into unsurpassed soft, silky, smooth and natural-looking straight tresses that has been called ‘life-changing’ by many. The effortlessly luxurious locks this treatment brings about spares women from blow-drying and flat-irons for about … Continue reading

GHOSTS – Increased Sightings In The Recent Years

By Justin Cheung. March 24, 2011 Study by John Frieda reveals worrying trend – there’s increasing numbers of Grey-Haired-Over-Stress-Twenty-Somethings ladies. 32% of British women have their first grey strand under age 30yr, as opposed to 18% just 20 years ago, and two-thirds of those afflicted blamed it on stress. While men who embrace the salt-and-pepper … Continue reading