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A Skin Frenemy? – Nano-sized Chemical in Sunscreen & Cosmetics May Raise Cancer Risk: Study

The next time you buy a skincare product, you might want to read more about its contents. New study by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore found that nano-particles of zinc oxide in products could potentially cause cancer. Known for its effectiveness in protecting the skin against UV rays, zinc oxide is commonly used … Continue reading

Adipotide – New Miracle Fat-Attacking Drug?

The anti-obesity scene is abuzz with news about a bright & shiny new weight loss drug called Adipotide. This blub-busting jab born of a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment (yup…you heard right) causes rapid weight loss and improved metabolic function in monkeys (our closest cousins), scientists have found. In the study, 10 obese female rhesus macaques … Continue reading

Are Bad Handphone Habits Causing Your Skin Problems?

Handphones have become indispensible today. Can you remember the sinking feeling in your stomach when you realized that you’ve left home without your mobile phone and were incommunicado?  But as they have become part of our lives, daily exposure but neglect in hygiene can lead to skin problems. Pimple Breakouts: Take a look at your … Continue reading

Vitamin S – Good Sex Can Keep You Young

Want to halt your beauty clock? Skip the lotions & potions and jump directly into bed: The secret fountain of youth may be lying between your sheets. In a 10-year study on 3500 people by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland showed that those who have sex four times a week look approximately 10 years … Continue reading

Beauty Spots – Moles Are Linked to Delayed Ageing

The secret of supermodel Cindy Crawford’s ageless allure may be out. Individuals with abundance of beauty spots may be genetically protected from many of the ravages of time and may look up to seven years younger than their peers, according to British scientists. In a study conducted by researchers at Kings College London involving over 1000 … Continue reading

Slim & Fit? – Liposuction May Have Legitimate Health Benefits

In a society in which beauty is often measured by slender bodies and youth, millions of people seek to attain the “ideal” look of celebrities by means of liposuction. Now it appears that there may be added health benefits of undergoing the procedure, according to a new study reported on LA Times. Research findings presented at the recent … Continue reading

Skin it or Skip it – Roast Chicken Skin Contains More Cancer-causing Compounds than Bacon & Hot Dogs

By Claudia Lin This report came as good news and bad news rolled in one for me. It appears that my favourite rotisserie chicken — in particular the crispy skin (gasp! but that’s the best part) — has the highest levels of cancerous compounds amongst the common deli delights, according to a Kansas State University … Continue reading

The Painted Truth – How Safe is Gel Nail Polish?

By Claudia Lin It sounds almost too good to be true — a nail polish that has no dry time, no smudging or dents, and stays shiny and chip-resistant for weeks is like the ultimate nail dream. And I personally love it, like millions of women around the world do, comforting myself that I’ll save time and nail … Continue reading

Staying Slim with Sexercise

By Claudia Lin Kim Cattrall from Sex and The City, and ex-Spice Girl & fitness fanatic Mel B are believers. After a long exhausting day, you might be too tired to set foot on a treadmill. But why not take a tip from these celebrities, amongst many other women who have hit upon an alternative … Continue reading

Are You Suffering from Smelly Hair Syndrome?

By Gene Yeo We all have had our bad hair days, and smelled pongy after a night at a smoky club or a gym sweat-out. But what if you wake up one day with hair that emits a nasty niff you can’t shake off even after a good thorough shampoo and rinse? Dubbed as the … Continue reading