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Makeup Mishaps – 5 Quick Fixes for Makeup Boo-Boos

All of us are bound to have one of those “Doh!” makeup moments, especially when you are rushing for time. These makeup hiccups can cause any girl to panic, and might even lead to more boo-boos or even a total disaster.  Before you say “remove everything and start over”, here are 5 quick and easy tricks used by the pros … Continue reading

Hangover Beauty Tips – Look Fresh the Morning After

With the holiday season looming upon us, chances are you’ll be getting into the spirit with a few festive alcohol-fuelled late night parties. So how are you going to handle Frankenstein’s sister staring back at you in the mirror the morning after? When you’re looking haggard after a night out, your main concerns are dull … Continue reading

Makeup Tips – Best Eyeshadow to Make Your Eye Colour Pop

As the saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to your soul”. They are one of the first features others stare into, and you would certainly want to play them up. But where’s a girl going to start when faced with a dazzling colour palette? The rule of thumb is to wear the opposite colour … Continue reading

Foundation of a Good Career – Tone Down Your Makeup, Say Bosses

Trying to dress to impress your boss for the coming yearly evaluation? Wear less makeup, says a new survey by This poll of 500 male and female bosses found that more than a third of these bosses thought some of their female co-workers wear too much cosmetics to work. The worst makeup sins? Having … Continue reading

Window Display – Festive Eye Makeup Inspiration

Move over, eye shadow! From glamorous glitter to rich velvet, draw inspiration from these dressy lids to create your very own stunning statement this party season. Adding a little bling to your lids has more dazzle than shimmering eye shadow or bold metallic liner ever could. Glittery eyes that blazed the Vena Cava 2011 show … Continue reading

Winging It – Using Scotch Tape to Get the Perfect Cat-Eye in Seconds

We all know patience is a great virtue. But many a times, the girl just doesn’t have all day in front of the dresser to get that perfect Angelina Jolie wing tip or  cat-eye look. This brilliant eyeliner trick by Jane Marie using scotch tape (can you believe it?) will give the most pristine wings … Continue reading

Makeup Can Make You Look More Competent And Likeable, But Too Much And You’ll Seem Less Trustworthy

Like the beauty mantra goes, less is often more. It turns out a little makeup has a significantly positive impact on how others perceives you, but piling on too much cosmetics does you no favours. Researchers found that makeup makes women look more attractive, likeable, competent and trustworthy as opposed to their bare-faced peers in a recent study by Proctor … Continue reading

Match Made on the Runways – Matchy Makeup Trend for Fall/ Winter 2011

By Emily Wong What used to be a taboo for the past decade, “matchy-matchy” makeup does not have to look costumey eighties. The monochromatic makeup trend that’s making its comeback on the F/W runways is chic, sophisticated and highly wearable. The secret  to avoid looking overdone is to play with different shades of the colour. … Continue reading

Pucker Up – Bright, Bold Lips for Fall 2011

By Emily Wong With the fall season soon upon us, it’s time to look to the runways to draw inspiration for our own autumnal beauty transformation again. Chic bright lips, dramatically lined eyes and bold nail shades all look absolutely fabulous this season. Models glowed with flawless complexions lit by hot reds on the Miu … Continue reading

Dame vs Duchess – Vivienne Westwood Doesn’t Think Much of Kate Middleton’s Eyeliner & ‘Ordinary’ Style

By Claudia Lin Grande Dame of British fashion, Vivienne Westwood, shared her views on the London Sunday Times about the Duchess of Cambridge’s style — particularly with Kate Middleton’s penchant for heavy black liner all around her eyes. “I think she’s got a problem with eye makeup!” Westwood said. “The sharp line around her eyes … Continue reading