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Breast Implants May Be Life-saving

Breast implants can actually be life-saving, according to a headline news report by Russian newspaper, Pravada. A Moscow woman was stabbed in her left chest by her own husband during a family fight. But this lucky lady escaped death with a mere skin wound when…the knife got stuck in her silicone breast implant! Calling the … Continue reading

Slim & Fit? – Liposuction May Have Legitimate Health Benefits

In a society in which beauty is often measured by slender bodies and youth, millions of people seek to attain the “ideal” look of celebrities by means of liposuction. Now it appears that there may be added health benefits of undergoing the procedure, according to a new study reported on LA Times. Research findings presented at the recent … Continue reading

No Pain, No Gain? – Bigger Breasts May Just Be A Slap Away (VIDEO)

We know Thailand for its medical tourism services, including affordable breast implants and liposuction. Now word is spreading of a popular but rather bizzare ‘body-slapping’ treatment in Bangkok to enhance the female figure without going under the scalpel. Khemmikka Na Songkhla — aka Khunying Tobnom — has been helping women escape from their Wonder Bras … Continue reading